Swiss Water Decaf

The old-fashioned approach to decaf espresso was:

take whatever you had lying around, roast it really slow and dark, and blame the results on decaf in general. We couldn’t let this go unchecked.

With our Premium Espresso Blend, you get coffee that shows balance, depth and liveliness at a range of roasts. Brazil on rhythm guitar, washed Latins playing lead, Indo/Asia on bass, and a dose of exotic naturals playing tambourine. The tasty result: chocolate and caramel flavors with a touch of natural fruit, just enough acidity to provide a balance of sparkle, and sweetness riding a long, smooth finish.

Pull shots with enough depth and sustaining crema you’ll be surprised its decaf. Amaze your friends!

Blended coffees:
Brazil - Fairtrade Organic
Peru - Fairtrade Organic
Indonesia - Fairtrade Organic 
Kenya - Fairtrade Organic
Papa New Gunea - Fairtrade Organic

Roast Profile: Medium Dark

Sweet Spot: 3 - 7 days after roast date

Swiss Water have done a fantastic job in decaffeinating this pre-blended coffee. Completely chemical free, we’re proud to bring you a decaffe that holds its own in a cup next to any well prepared caffeinated espresso.

επιστροφή στην κορυφή

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